Nov 272007

This entry was written by my friend, Mike Donohue. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your voice. I was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s Disease. This is the worst possible diagnosis I could get, short of suffering a crippling stroke like my Dad or losing my eyesight. As I pass from conscious connection with Alzheimer’s, I am told I will not know what is happening. The pain of it is suffered by those loved ones around me. […]

Nov 062007

I know a widely-respected neurologist at a prestigious, teaching hospital who once said, “Treating dementia is like rearranging the chairs on the deck of the Titanic.” And he’s not alone in the medical community with this philosophy. I’ve heard many stories of doctors, both neurologists and general practice physicians, who are reluctant to prescribe treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease. They believe that the current drugs available don’t make a difference. They believe the current drugs are […] main site  |  Research  |  Advocacy  |  Care and support  |  Message boards  |  Disclaimer  |  Donate  |  Contact us  |  Sign up for e-news
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