Jul 312008

Just Say Yes—And It’s the #1 rule in Improvisational Acting. You say, “Yes, and,” to everything you are offered. As actors cooperating to create a fictional reality on stage, you agree to agree, or nothing works. If your fellow actor says to you, “Come for a ride on my new magic carpet!” your job is to ‘accept the gift’ and join in: “Okay! This is a beautiful weave, what is it silk?” or “I’d love […]

Jul 012008
Alzheimer’s Ribbon

An Alzheimer’s Ribbon is available at Caring.com. Please make your own ribbon and post it on your blog, social networking page, or anywhere else you’ve got a web presence! For each ribbon posted, Caring.com will donate $10 to the Alzheimer’s Association. http://www.caring.com/ribbons/new Alzheimer’s Diagnosis Get a Web Ribbon

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