Aug 312009

The message — that Advocacy is both rewarding and straightforward — comes through in the following dispatch from Gabrielle Corey in West Virginia: “Justin Knabb and I (decorated in purple “STOP Alzheimer’s NOW” stickers!) headed to a town hall meeting in the beautiful Erma Byrd Gallery of the University of Charleston where WV Senator Jay Rockefeller was scheduled to talk about health care reform. After Sen. Rockefeller discussed his health care reform initiatives, he opened […]

Aug 272009

In my last entry, I described how the work of an Alzheimer’s advocate was continuing to have an impact years later. Over the next few days, I’ll be sharing recent reports from advocates around the country who are having an exciting, positive influence during the August recess when their elected officials are back home in district. The first example comes from Massachusetts at an event hosted by one of Alzheimer’s strongest and most steadfast Congressional […]

Aug 122009

I had the privilege of joining the Alzheimer’s Association this past April to help push forward our public policy agenda with Congress, the Administration, and state governments across the country. I couldn’t have joined at a more interesting time. But, like you, we don’t do this work because it’s interesting. We do it because it’s a mission. We’re advocates because we recognize how important it is for our country to move off the mark, and […] main site  |  Research  |  Advocacy  |  Care and support  |  Message boards  |  Disclaimer  |  Donate  |  Contact us  |  Sign up for e-news
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