Nov 172010

Readers, The Annual Society for Neuroscience Meeting is where fundamental neuroscience research is presented to a worldwide audience. This year’s meeting includes research presentations from many of the cutting edge labs working on AD. In today’s blog, I will summarize a few of the many findings presented at this meeting that are helping us get a better picture of AD, as well as potential new avenues for its treatment. Our current thinking about the cause […]

Nov 032010

Dear Readers, About 750,000 people in the United States develop sepsis each year. Known in lay terms as blood poisoning, sepsis occurs when the bloodstream is overwhelmed with bacteria, usually in response to the body’s attempt to fight severe infection. Sepsis is a leading cause of death in hospital ICUs, and the elderly are particularly vulnerable to this life-threatening blood infection. The thinking had been that once the crisis is over, older people who survive […]

Nov 022010
Women, Stress and Alzheimer's Disease

Dear Readers, Whenever I give a presentation about the signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and discuss the known risk factors for the disease, I am asked this question . . . ( 90% of the time by the women audience members) . . . “Dr. A, is stress a risk factor for Alzheimer’s disease?” Well, based on research findings from a variety of studies, the short answer is “Yes.” Let’s consider the latest finding […] main site  |  Research  |  Advocacy  |  Care and support  |  Message boards  |  Disclaimer  |  Donate  |  Contact us  |  Sign up for e-news
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