Sep 102010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Madison to Chicago and Points Beyond

My journey on the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride would consist of three days of riding. Two days to complete the Madison-Chicago segment and an additional day to ride the first leg of the Chicago to Indy segment. Each day brought something new: meeting great new friends, inspiration in the fight against Alzheimer’s, and great riding through America’s heartland. I finished up our lab work on Tuesday and headed to Madison, where the weather looked rather daunting […]

Sep 092010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Madison to Chicago Part 2

On Tuesday morning I met my fellow riders (Eric — who I believe is still on the road) and Michael. My friend and colleague Barb was there also, and Mel, Glenn, and Evan — the most fabulous, helpful road crew a bicyclist could ever hope for!! (Thanks you guys!) The organization of this event and the people I got to meet made this a fantastic experience. Day 1 was spent riding through country roads of […]

Sep 082010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Madison to Chicago Part 1

I recently rode in the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride, a cross-country relay to raise awareness about Alzheimer’s disease. I rode in the leg from Madison to Chicago on September 1-2. What follows are the notes I recently posted on the blog associated with the ride. Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Madison to Chicago My Breakthrough Ride experience began in mid-April when the winter snows unexpectedly receded from the Minneapolis landscape and I could start training on the […]

Sep 082010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Saint Louis to Madison

Before I begin to explain my journey from St. Louis, Missouri to Madison, Wisconsin, I would like to tell you a little about myself. I am a graduate student at Boston University School of Medicine in the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology (finishing up this year – fingers crossed!), and I am conducting my thesis work in the laboratory of Dr. Rudy Tanzi in the Genetics and Aging Research Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital. On […]

Sep 022010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Saint Louis to Springfield

Just wanted to add to Buck’s blog….. What a wonderful, fantastic, invigorating experience! Thanks, Bruce Lamb for organizing this important event. Sarah Matousek, Oliver Holmes, Stephanie Soscia and I (Team: Boston Bikers) flew to St. Louis on Friday, August 27th in time to meet the Wash U team as they ended their ride at the signing event there. It was great to see familiar faces (Dave and Tracy Holtzman, John Morris, John Cirrito, etc.) and […]

Aug 302010

On the eve of the big Alzheimer’s Breakthrough bike ride, I was sequestered with my fellow riders, John Cirrito and Jess Resvito from Washington University, and Ben Timson, from Missouri State University, at the Comfort Inn in Sedalia. Since I hang out at the University of Missouri (in Columbia), we had most of the state covered. I think all of us were excited and a bit nervous, at least I was. Adding to my anxiety […]

Aug 302010

Thursday morning, August 26th, 2010, started off in a wonderful way. Unlike the last 8 weeks in St. Louis and the rest of Missouri where the high temperatures were averaging 95-100 with similar humidity, it was an absolutely perfect day for riding. After a nice breakfast with our wonderful crew of Evan, Melanie, and Glen, we started with a signing event in the state capital of Missouri, Jefferson City. It was well attended by staff […]

Aug 302010

My Breakthrough ride started in Saint Louis Airport where I rented the car that would take me and my bike to Kansas City to Pick up Jeff Burns and then take the two of us to Wichita, KS. Driving to Kansas City, I went through two big storm systems and as I pulled in, the rain started pouring there also. I was hoping this would not be a sign of things to come. After picking […]

Aug 302010

This past weekend, I began my segment of the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride, a one-day journey from St. Louis, Miss. to Springfield, Ill. As the president of U.S. financial products at Genworth Financial, I can say that we are proud to be a Champion of the Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance, helping to increase awareness of the impact of Alzheimer’s disease. As an avid cyclist, the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride was a wonderful opportunity to combine my interests: […]

Aug 262010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Segment 10, Day 1

Oklahoma City to Tonkawa 5:45 AM on August 18th marked the beginning of my long anticipated ride from Oklahoma City to Wichita, Kansas and also the midpoint of the Breakthrough Ride. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the signing event in Oklahoma City the previous day, where I was further inspired for my ride by the volunteers and the many people willing to sign the petition and recognize the importance of Alzheimer’s disease at […] main site  |  Research  |  Advocacy  |  Care and support  |  Message boards  |  Disclaimer  |  Donate  |  Contact us  |  Sign up for e-news
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