Jun 212012
Reflections on The Longest Day™

My mother Judy Gelfand lost her mind more than nine years ago to Alzheimer’s — a disease that robbed our entire family as we all stood by watching her slowly fade away. Judy died in her bedroom on July 13, 2004, in Palm Springs, Calif., surrounded by her family — our Dad, Marshall, my brothers, Todd, and Dean, and me. Eight years later — almost to the day — we all surrounded her again as […]

Jun 202012
Riding, Running and Rolling to Honor those with Alzheimer's

10 years ago this August, my dad, Don MacLeod, lost his fight for life to complications from Alzheimer’s. I miss my Dad very much. He endured a seven-year progression with this disease, and we went through seeing him change and loose his sense of self and family. I especially remember the day my Dad couldn’t remember my Mom’s name, who had passed away several years earlier. It was a heart breaking experience — made more […]

Jun 202012
With Endurance and Each Other, We Will Push Past the Finish Line in this Fight Against Alzheimer's

Today is the longest day of the year — and as evening sets, Alzheimer’s advocates across the globe are pushing themselves to the finish line of a 16-hour endurance relay to raise awareness and funds for the fight against Alzheimer’s. This event, Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™, and the dedication it requires holds such significance for those who have been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. It symbolizes the endurance, love, patience and strength it takes to […]

Jun 202012
We Are All In It Until Alzheimer's Is a Memory

My name is Judy Johanson and today, our team, “This Is Our Life,” is participating in Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™! For me, the event is both personal and universal. My amazing husband (and best friend) Steve was diagnosed last fall (on what felt like the longest day) with younger-onset Alzheimer’s disease, just one month shy of his 59th birthday. Just five years ago, his mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. It has been a […]

Jun 202012
Running an Ultra-Marathon Relay for My Bami

Today, I’m joining the fight against Alzheimer’s by running around a high school track with my best friend. I’ll run for an hour, she’ll run for an hour. And we’ll continue like that all day long. We’re doing it because we want to raise awareness, money, and hope that one day we’ll live in a world without Alzheimer’s. I’m also doing it to honor my grandmother. My grandma, who we all called Bami, was a […]

Jun 202012
Walking for my mom on The Longest Day™

My name is Rene Tamayo and today I am walking for my mother who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2008. I am charting a course (6 p.m.-10 p.m.) that will take me by quite a few of the special places that my mom and I enjoyed hanging out when she was able to. I am starting today at our family home in Brownsville, Texas, the place where I was born and I have so […]

Jun 202012
Hiking the Grand Canyon to Show Those Facing Dementia They Are Not Alone

My name is Kathy Ritchie and I am participating in Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™ because it’s an opportunity to shine a spotlight on a disease that has defined my life for the last eight years or 2,920 days. My mother has Frontotemporal dementia. It’s a lesser-known brain disorder and one that is frequently misdiagnosed. It affects the part of the brain that makes us who we are. Call it your personality center. Like many […]

Jun 202012
Riding to Remember My Grandpa Darrah

I am participating in Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™ in honor of my Grandpa Darrah, who died with Alzheimer’s disease. In the summer of 2010, I participated in the Alzheimer’s Association Breakthrough Ride™, where more than 55 researchers cycled relay-style across the country to collect petition signatures asking Congress to make Alzheimer’s disease a national priority. Now I ride again, in support of funding and awareness for Alzheimer’s disease. My experience as a Breakthrough Rider […]

Jun 202012
16 Hours to Honor My Bachan

Hello! My name is Darlene Berg. I’m a personal trainer from Southern California, so health and fitness are extremely important to me, just as they were to my Bachan (Japanese for Grandma). Today, June 20, I am doing 16 hours of continuous activity to fight Alzheimer’s. This cause is one of the closest things to my heart because my Bachan passed away on January 25, 2012, from Alzheimer’s disease. It was an incredibly challenging and […]

Jun 202012
Fighting Alzheimer's One Note at a Time

Today, I am taking a stand against Alzheimer’s by participating in Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™. My name is Trevor Barroer. I’m 18 years old, and I’m the founder and team captain of The Memory Musicians. I established the team in loving memory of my grandma, Claudette Maddox, who passed away on April 15 of this year. Growing up, my grandmother acted as my third parent. She was an absolutely beautiful individual, inside and out, […]

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