Jun 202012
Biking 86 Miles to Honor My 86-Year-Old Mother

Today, I am participating in Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™ and biking 86 miles (the weather permitting and God willing) to honor my mother. My mom, Althea Hudzinski, is the second youngest of 10 children, all of which suffered from Alzheimer’s disease (excluding one that died of Cancer). She is the sole survivor of her siblings — and what amazes me is that she was there for each and every one of them. Early on, […]

Jun 202012
Alzheimer's Got in the Way

It’s 6:19 a.m. and it’s dark. I’ve had three shots of espresso and my legs are vibrating and tears are streaming down my face. I shouldn’t be here. My ride for Alzheimer’s Association The Longest Day™ should never have happened. My grand plans — having a big team and raising lots of money to beat this horrible disease that stole my mom — fell apart. Alzheimer’s got in the way. I’m standing next to Rebecca, […]

Jun 202012
Relaying from the Bahamas to Belgium to Fight Alzheimer's

Ciao tutti, My name is Gina Steedley Wills. My biological grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease at age 55 and eventually passed away at age 63. She went from being a very strong, tall, intelligent woman to just a shell, a skeleton. It was a terrible way to leave this world and it made quite an impact on me. Today I’m running and walking for three hours as part of the Alzheimer’s Association The Longest […]

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