Jun 082010

Increasing evidence indicates that there are reductions in testosterone and estrogen levels in older men and women. These hormonal reductions may be risk factors for cognitive impairment and the development of Alzheimer’s disease (AD). As testosterone levels decline as men age, there is an urge to treat this natural process with hormone replacement, just as it is done for many women undergoing menopause. The enzyme aromatase in the male brain converts some of the testosterone […]

May 262010

Readers, Two of the key elements when taking a history from a patient include smoking tobacco and alcohol consumption. Both of these activities have been shown to affect general health. Now, in a recently published study from Barcelona, Spain, it appears that they may be important risk factors in Alzheimer’s disease (AD), but in a unique way. Knowledge regarding environmental factors influencing the risk of AD is surprisingly scarce, despite substantial research in this area. […]

May 052010

Based on current evidence, the recent conclusion reached by a National Institute of Health panel of experts, is statistically sound. They concluded that we do not yet have proof that the progression of Alzheimer’s disease pathology can be slowed by actively reducing known risk factors and by adopting certain lifestyle changes such as smoking cessation, intellectual stimulation, and physical exercise. This is a case where I think it is worthwhile to translate the panel’s conclusion. […]

Apr 292010

Readers, A recent paper published in the journal Nature looked at whether six weeks of online brain training would improve the cognitive performance of 11,430 healthy adults. What’s intriguing about this paper, besides the sheer size of the study, is that it was published in such a prestigious journal despite essentially having a null result. To examine the effects of brain training on cognitive functioning, Owen Adrian of the Medical Research Council in the United […]

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