May 202009

#3 Difficulty Completing Familiar Tasks

“The first sign for me was forgetting and having trouble at work. I was trusting my brain to be there and denying that something was wrong. The problem with that I was forgetting too many things and I thought it was menopause. I saw my OBGYN and she said that all was well. I then went to my primary care doctor and we did blood tests. Everything came back normal.

As time went on, it was getting worse and my family, friends and co-workers were growing very impatient with me, especially when I missed dinners or events that were planned. Working as a meeting planner was a more specific problem: I was not able to multitask as I had been for years. I could not remember things without writing them down, and then I could not find the paper with the note on them. And that was that…I had Younger-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease…

It was a blow, but I am not the type of person that gives up that easily. Now, I am active in my community, educating others about this disease and getting involved.”

-Karen Zimmerman

  One Response to “Know the 10 Signs”

  1. Wow, you are young. I need your help. My mother has alzheimer's. She is on the 3rd week of medication (namenda). Instead of the constant dead gaze, she now laughs and carries on conversation with my chihuahua, Poncho,very comfortably especially when visitors are around. We live in her home and she continues to deny she has this disease. It's just me and her and Poncho. I am her caretaker. I just turned 48 today and I am comfortable taking care of her. I want to be the one to take care of her. She has been there for me my whole life. Since my life has become consumed with this, I am just now (this minute) beginning to hope for some help via the computer. I need to find people that are in my same shoes. And while I realize you are on the opposite side of this, just something about your comment reached out to me. Maybe the fact that I could very well be in the same situation as you, one day. (me and mom with this hateful disease). Can you get me in touch with the right bloggers, the caretakers. Oh by the way, my mother has made it perfecstly clear in her Medical POA that she has no desires to go in a nursing home. Right now, that is unnecessary and I will do all that I can to carry out her wishes.

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