May 212009

#5 Trouble with Visual or Spatial Relationships

“I felt my wife was nagging me about my driving; in my view, there was nothing wrong with it. I agreed to a meeting with my doctor to discuss her complaints. He agreed with her; he told me not to drive.

To foil their view and show them how wrong they were, I took a simulated driving test at Sister Kenny Institute in Minneapolis. I failed it miserably.

After a Neuropsychometric test, I was diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s disease.

The test told them I had substantial visual peripheral perception deficiency. This meant that I would see things but they had no meaning. This explained why I was screwing up driving, why I was falling after tripping over things in plain sight. It explained why I bumped into closed windows and was clumsy as could be.

My tripping and falling shattered a 12- year-old hip replacement that required surgery that had me on my back homebound, unable to walk, for 2 months. The recovery was rough. That was price enough! I am now on my feet ready to live again.

Knowing about the source of my clumsiness has helped me and my family create a safer environment. It has also given me the opportunity to pursue creative, social and fun activities as much as I want, which is very important to me. I just let my wife drive!”

-Mike Donohue

  2 Responses to “Know the 10 Signs”

  1. Mike, I remember the day my husband could not renew his license. He couldn't say the names of the letters on the eye exam. I promised him I would drive him wherever he wanted to go. My occupation in the area directory is still listed as "Driver". I have a pretty good idea where that came from! It's amazing how many truck driving jobs I've been offered.

  2. Mike,With my mother is was sequences. She had difficulty putting together phone numbers (writing them down) and

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