May 222009

#10 Changes in Mood and Personality

“My boyfriend would tell me I was forgetting conversations we had. I was forgetting certain things yet retaining others, so he accused me of “remembering only what I wanted to remember.” He also told me I wasn’t the same person. I wasn’t acting like my “old self.” I often became irritated and aggravated with many things which was unlike my normal personality.

With the help of Early Diagnosis and Intervention with medication and treatment, I found out I wasn’t going crazy. I found medications to slow down the AD process and therapy to help me cope with my disease. I am still an active member of society, do volunteer work, help take care of my mom who, also has Alzheimer’s disease, and am still able to take care of myself. I am able to live alone and function pretty well. I have been able to put all my affairs in order so that my daughter won’t have to face that when I can no longer make those decisions. I am able to participate in clinical trials of new medications which may be disease modifying.

Early Diagnosis and treatment has helped me and my loved ones make the best of the situation.”

-Lisa Carbo

  One Response to “Know the 10 Signs”

  1. Bless you, Lisa, for sharing your story.

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