Mar 082010

Last night’s Candlelight Tribute Rally was incredible – it was a beautiful night and a powerful way to remember why we’re all here and get invigorated for what lies ahead. We heard personal stories from advocates Leslie Walker and Steve Hume and then a call to action by David Hyde Pierce. He truly brought out the VOICE of the crowd.

This morning we heard from veteran political strategist, author and educator Donna Brazile, who gave an overview of the political landscape in Washington right now. She also shared with us her own family’s experience of caring for her grandmother after her Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis.

This afternoon is filled with training sessions on the legislation Alzheimer’s Association advocates will be lobbying for on Capitol Hill this week as well as tips and tools for year-round advocacy. Everyone is pumped up to hit Capitol Hill tomorrow.

More than 11,000 people have lit a virtual candle to honor someone they love who has battles Alzheimer’s. Please take a moment to join them online at

-Robert Egge

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