Sep 092009

The following is the story of an actual Tailgate to Tackle Alzheimer’s event, which raised money to support the Alzheimer’s Association.

Wow, what a game. I knew that watching my favorite college football team was going to be a blast but luckily we were able to also turn it into something good. This past fall we hosted a Tailgate to Tackle Alzheimer’s event before and after our game. We combined our usual gathering of friends and family with a chance to take action against Alzheimer’s. We were able to collect donations, register advocates and share the importance of bringing awareness about this devastating disease. It was easy. We received the supplies needed from the association, combined it with our own purple party favors and created an environment for having fun all while benefiting a great cause. So step up, take action and join me again this fall as we Tailgate to Tackle Alzheimer’s. I look forward to seeing your event at your local parking lot this fall.

Visit to Tailgate to Tackle Alzheimer’s!

-Matt Popovich

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