Nov 202015

There is a day for giving thanks, and now there is a day dedicated to giving back. December 1 marks the fourth year of Giving Tuesday, a global day of charitable giving. Thanks to our generous donor, Vicky Patel, your donation on Giving Tuesday can go twice as far. She’s agreed to give the Association $1 million if we can raise the same amount by December 31.

Giving Tuesday is fueled by the power of social media and by people just like you. Donate in the spirit of giving this season and share why you give with the hashtags #ENDALZ and #GivingTuesday. Join this global movement and support the fight to end Alzheimer’s by sharing your photos on Twitter and Instagram to see them featured here in this blog!

“We give to the Alzheimer’s Association so that future children will never have to know how to pronounce Alzheimer’s.”— Tom Rotz
“I give to the Alzheimer’s Association because of the millions of family caregivers who provide care every day. Alzheimer’s is a devastating disease that affects the entire family. I give because I care about caregivers and the ones they love.”— Fawn Cothran
“I give to the Alzheimer’s Association because I have seen, lived and experienced the devastation that Alzheimer’s can cause. No one can put an end to this disease alone, but together, we can make a difference. By advocating and raising funds, there is hope for the future.”— Mary Fus
“I give to the Alzheimer’s Association to honor my mom Anne, who died from Alzheimer’s, and to make sure others do not have to go through what we did as a family.”— Melissa Shilliday
“I give to the Alzheimer’s Association because my dad was diagnosed in 2013. I want to support our heroes — caregivers, family members and those living with Alzheimer’s. I love you, dad!”— Victor Guzman
“I give to the Alzheimer’s Association because of my Papa Charlie who has Alzheimer’s. I raise money to help find a cure so other kids don’t have to see their Papa sick like mine. Good things will come if you put your heart to it.”— Maya Leachman
“I give to the Alzheimer’s Association because I want to do my part to protect the memories we build every day. Losing my grandma to Alzheimer’s opened my eyes to the heartbreaking cognitive, emotional, and physical impact of the disease. My hope is that each dollar raised is a step closer to a cure.”— Meg Fertig

  3 Responses to “Why I Give to #ENDALZ”

  1. I give to Alzheimer's because my precious mother died with this dread disease, now my husband has it. I fear for my generation and even more my children and grandchildren!!

  2. wonderful information, thank you, Joan Costner

  3. I watch my father wither away with dementia. It is a disease that I don’t wish on my worst enemy.

    May he rest in peace!!!!

    I miss you father

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