Aug 132010

Followers of the Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride may have noticed that segment seven’s journal has thus far recorded only days two through four. It is with great pleasure that we now provide the much-anticipated lost scroll of Captain Blowout, detailing Dr. Steven Barger’s epic account of his exodus from Albuquerque. Call me Captain Blowout– Kyle does. Seriously, I can’t believe that two flat tires is any sort of record or anything. Even for the Albuquerque-to-Amarillo leg […]

Aug 092010

Vega to Amarillo New day, new nickname: “Prairie Dog.” Pretty obvious—we are on the Great Plains, doggin’ it through stiff winds and tall grass. (The shoulders are quite nonexistent on many of these rural highways.) No need for sunscreen or food today. The trip would be just 48 miles that began at the first little crack of dawn. It was difficult to drag Evan away from the remarkable oil paintings at the Day’s Inn in […]

Aug 092010

Tucumcari to Vega Got a new nickname today: “Petite Rack.” (Don’t ask– you’d be disappointed by the answer.) Made it to a new state, as well. The day was otherwise uneventful. Decent roads and a paucity of anything resembling a hill translated into a 20-mph average for this 58-mile ride. So the biggest challenge for Kyle, Melanie, and me was finding something to do for the two hours till lunch. By unanimous decision, we opted […]

Aug 092010

Santa Rosa to Tucumcari I came out of yesterday with a brand-new plan. I’d forgotten till then how rotten it makes me feel to get off the bike for more than ten minutes and then try to ride again. Something in one’s physiology changes during rest; your body decides it’s time to stop working and start recovering, I suppose. So today’s plan was to shoot for Tucumcari before lunch. There was some skepticism about this […]

Aug 062010
Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Ride Journal: Segment 6, Day 4

Grants, NM to Albuquerque, NM Today was the last day of segment 6. We left at about 7 in the morning, aiming to arrive in Albuquerque at around 1. The different thing about today than the other three days was that the Pony was not with us. It had gone ahead to the signing event at the Civic Plaza in Albuquerque. Also Celeste was driving the caboose instead of Kyle. The first 20 miles of […]

Aug 042010

Ramah, NM to Grants, NM. Day three of our ride started out with a shocking time change, so instead of our regular wake-up time of 5am it was actually 4am. We crawled out of the hotel and onto our bikes, but not until we had met with a group of 20 elementary school children in Ramah, NM. We talked about the brain, and Alzheimer’s disease, and why we’re riding. The children had made a big […]

Aug 042010

Holbrook, AZ to Ramah, NM Today’s ride was long (close to 80 miles) at altitudes up to 7,000 feet, and all uphill — at least it seemed that way to me. Nothing very steep, but nothing downhill either. That definitely got old. We were all tired from yesterday’s 58 mile ride, and it wasn’t pretty at times but everyone did great in the end. The long slog was made worthwhile by the incredible scenery along […]

Aug 042010

Holbrook, AZ to St. Johns, AZ It was a cloudy morning in Holbrook as myself (Bruce Lamb), Raza Lamb (my 15 year old son), Lee Ryan (an Alzheimer’s disease researcher from the University of Arizona) and Cathy Wasmann (a friend of Lee’s and cycling buddy) met to receive our daily briefing for our upcoming ride. It was going to be a 58 mile ride to St. Johns, with a total of about 550 feet elevation […]

Aug 032010

July 29 (DAY 1) – Phoenix, AZ to Payson, AZ I arrived at the hotel the night before with a bit of anxiety for the day ahead of me. On paper it looked like a pretty tough day on the bike, but sometimes the paper is wrong. The next morning at breakfast, I met Melanie and Evan in the lobby of the hotel. These two would be my guardian angels for the next three days […]

Jul 302010

Day 1: Palm Springs to some point 91 miles into the CA desert.The first day of my four day ride is dedicated to my Dad and everyone else who has had the terrible experience of Alzheimer’s disease. I had a great start to the ride as a group of the previous day’s riders saw me off from the Palm Springs hotel. Quite a scenic ride, skirting just north of Joshua tree National Park, by 29 […] main site  |  Research  |  Advocacy  |  Care and support  |  Message boards  |  Disclaimer  |  Donate  |  Contact us  |  Sign up for e-news
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