May 182009

#1 Memory Changes that disrupt Daily Life.

“There was one episode with my memory that scared me a great deal. When I was trying to recall something, in my mind, a large black cloud appeared, covered the answer and it was gone.

I was on a bus on my way to visit my daughter when an elderly woman sat next to me. We began to chat as strangers do. During the conversation she asked where my daughter lived. I got out “Allen…” and that black cloud enveloped the rest. And I stammered, “No it’s not Allentown, that’s in Pennsylvania. It’s not Allenberg, I never heard of that. It’s Allen something or other.” I must have looked as upset as I felt, because she patted my hand and said, “That’s all right dear, we all forget things as we get older.”

I know now that the black cloud wasn’t just a sign of aging. Once I was diagnosed and starting getting treated for Alzheimer’s, the black cloud disappeared.”

-Mimi Steffen

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