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  1. I have been treating with Neurologists since 2013 for Alzheimer's disease, however this diagnosis has never been truly confirmed if there is actually the presence of amyloid on my brain, which is the only way to confirm Alzheimer's disease is present, verses cognitive impairment. The only test to confirm the presents of amyloid on the brain is via PET scan. I have endured Neuropsych evaluations many times with numerous different doctors. Still not certain if I actually do have Alzheimers disease or congnative deficits. In the past years of numerous testing and evaluations, the insurance companies have probably spent more money on congnative testing, without a definitive diagnosis. Now this is truly a waste of money and time, with no definitive result. To me it would appear to be more cost effective for one amyloid Pet scan, that would confirm or deny a diagnosis of alzheimer's, rather than several neuropsych tests over a year that are usually non conclusive. New comment by guest, June Bujalski, alzheimer's patient.

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