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As someone who works for the Alzheimer’s Association with support programs for caregivers, I decided to do a little research today on our Message Boards, where Alzheimer’s caregivers are able to communicate with each other about their concerns and get information and support from peers. For those who have been providing care to someone with Alzheimer’s disease for some time, the result will come as no surprise, but for those who are newer to caregiving, you can turn up a result that may make you curious.

If you go onto our message boards and search the Caregivers Forum with key words, you can pull about 30,000 posts containing the word “Alzheimer’s”, 14,000 that include the word “brain” and 10,000 that contain the word “neurologist.” No big surprises there, but here is the one that may surprise the newer caregivers: If you type in “UTI”, you will pull over 8,000 posts that are on 410 pages of our message boards.

UTIs, or urinary tract infections, can cause changes in someone with Alzheimer’s disease that you might never expect. The impact can be really profound. Some of the titles of the message board threads in which UTIs are mentioned tell the story well, including “Sudden decline,” “Yelling out and undressing in public” and “Manic episodes… WOW!”

Here is a sampling of some of the posts on the topic:

  • “For me, falling and hallucinations always mean check for UTI”
  • “Our compromised elders, especially females often develop, “silent” urinary tract infections. These UTIs are called “silent” because they usually have no symptoms of pain, no burning, no odor, no frequency, etc. BUT there will often be profound changes in behaviors.”
  • “UTI, UTI, UTI, UTI, UTI! When my mother has a UTI she sleeps all day. We can’t get her out of bed, she will also stop eating. Have the doctor check her for a UTI. “
  • “UTI and dehydration!!!!! I’ve never been so happy to get that kind of diagnosis. They have her on IV antibiotics. The interesting thing was that her urine was clear and they were pretty sure she didn’t have a UTI. Luckily the testing came back positive.”
  • “With my aunt, I could always diagnose the UTI because she started acting crazier than her current norm. (When she picked up a glass of water and threw the water over her shoulder, I called it right away —UTI.)”

When UTIs are wreaking havoc with the family members of our Alzheimer’s caregivers, we sometimes see threads in which the caregivers are in a state of panic about the symptoms. And for good reason — the symptoms are powerful and can actually mimic the end of life for some people. These caregivers are used to a slow disease progression, and the UTI with no overt symptoms can make everyone involved act in ways that reflect their feeling that this situation is a life-threatening emergency. The good news is that, while the UTI does need to be treated right away, this is for the comfort of the patient and the family. UTIs do not cause permanent damage, and they respond quickly and successfully to treatment. And best of all, once the infection clears, the person returns back to their condition prior to the UTI.

That’s when the message board posts show caregivers breathing a deep sigh of relief and thanking their peers in the online community for their caring support — and for tipping them off to one of the oddest but most treatable components of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Today’s guest post comes from Ellen Carbonell, LCSW, Associate Director, Family Programs for the Alzheimer’s Association’s national office.  Ellen is responsible for developing and producing dementia-related family programs for chapter implementation nationwide, and oversees the caregiver and early-stage support group programs. Trained as a clinical social worker, she has over 30 years of experience working with individual and family programs in mental health, vocational, educational, clergy and voluntary health care settings.

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  1. This is a very informative article because UTI as a part of having Alzheimer’s is very new to me. I’ll definitely share this to other people. Thanks for posting this and more power to your website.

  2. I was my Mother's only caregiving for 14 years. She just past away two months ago. It was the hardest job i ever had. Some times i would have help. But unfortunately there were so many times that my Mom didn't want any one to touch her. I am very grateful that i was able to do it. Until it was not safe at the house for her . Unfortunately i had to place my Mom in a Nursing Home. That almost killed me. Whom ever is reading this just know that your not alone. I know how hard it can be. I would cry myself to sleep every night. I give anything for just one more day with my Mom. I loved taking care of her. It was my way of giving back to her for all the she gave to me when i had cancer.

  3. My mother who passed away from the disease 3 weeks ago, suffered from a UTI that placed her on the quick road to her death. All of the signs mentioned above were seen: fever, not eating, sleeping all day, and yelling out. It was the catalyst that led to her visit into Hospice and a 6 week downturn. Thank you for alerting others to this infection so they too may look for the silent signs.

  4. My husband who has been diagnosed with Dementia had an episode where he couldn't satisfy his thirst.. He would drink water or tea and showed little interest in food. Suddenly, I noticed his gait was off, he walked rigid and unbalanced and appeared confused and totally disoriented. Strokes run in his family and I immediately thought he was having a stroke. I rushed him to Emergency and found out that he had depleted the sodium in his body. After a saline IV, we returned home and find myself monitoring his fluid intake more closely. After reading about UTI's I'm concerned I may be over reacting and cause him to have a UTI.

  5. I am acaregiver for more that 10 years and, therefore I am always on the lokout for UTIs
    Understanding preventative measures will save caregivers the stress and patients the pain and worry of this infection
    Preventative Care:
    I usually pay attention to my femails' bathroom care habbits i.e. (daily showers or washes of appropriate areas using the carrect soaps)
    Consistent fluid intake / outputs as well as a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, outdoor activities as tolerable
    It realy helps to practise preventative measures………..
    Andria Harris
    Dementia Care Living

  6. I was wondering if a UTI could cause sudden “sexual” interest in a female patient. My Mother has suddenly started talking about sex and wanting to “sleep” with her husband and why can’t she? She seems to think that everyone around her is having sex and she isn’t. Is this just a symptom of the disease or should I ask the “home” to check her for a UTI?

  7. i lost mother in '09. These symptoms were there.I needed this help the last 10 yrs of her life. God Bless all of you. I didn't know what to make of her behavior and the doctors were no help at all. Her care was so stressful that I developed high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. I had osteoarthritis so badly that I couldn't lift her.I felt as if I would die. Lifelong promise was I would never put her in a home.. She seemed to hate me before and was so happy to see me afterwards that whenever she wanted to go home with me, I would tell her that "I would rather be loved".
    Putting her there nearly killed me. Homes were no relief because they would not care for her properly. I spent those last years unable to sleep for having to find new places and move mother so many times. I wound up with 5 tubes in my heart. Inspite of LTHC, my greatest fears are being confined to a wheelchair or having a stroke that results in my daughter putting me in a home when I am unable to communicate my needs or pain to anyone and am forced to suffer in silence.

  8. “Sudden decline,” “Yelling out and undressing in public” and “Manic episodes… WOW!”. That is exactly what happen this weekend. I am so lucky to have found this posting. Thought it was the begin of the end. Took mom to ER and yes UTI it was. Can't believe that can happen. Thank you and pass this on to other caregivers.

  9. my mother got diagnosed 10/2011. My did not realize that UTI was apparently a common occurrance. She did not even know she had the UTI. I also was never told by the neurologist who made the diagnosis and placed her on 2 medications for the alzheimers, that there was a scale of 1-7 and never told me what the scale really meant. In October of 2011 he had already placed her at a level 5 but I was unaware of this information. I just recently moved her to assisted living faciity from an independent senior apt. I try to be totally aware of all her care, meds, treatment, etc. so that I can make sure she gets the best care possible. She has so other many medical conditions that the first thing I remember the social worker in the neurologist office said that he was really surprised she was still alive and that the other medical conditions, i.e congestive heart failure, carotid artery disease(almost 100% on both side, uterine cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, renal insufficiency, etc. would probably kill her long before the alzheimers will. We see the neurologist in just a few weeks for her follow up visit and I am going to point out to the physician that it would have been nice to know that information.

  10. I figured this out right away with the UI. Everyone thought I was just making it up. I noticed her physical appearance along with certain behaivor or phrases. I’m new at this. I’m trying to understand as quickly as possible and be correct. Its hard when I don’t have that confirmation. Thank you

  11. Been trying to get my husband's doctor and family to see what I discovered once I was home everyday for 3 years in retirement. . We are talking about a man w/4 degrees. So hard to make a doctor see what I see in a 20 min. appointment. After taking the online test after Church today. I made a list of 34 issues that Fred is doing I realize he is in stage 5. Thank you for your comments. Fred's been wearing depends since the second week in Jan 2012. This is the first time I have seen anything about UTI infections. We will be talking to the doctor tomorrow morning!!! Thank you one and all. Ruth

  12. Very interesting…my Dad was recently diagnosed with a UTI…I definitely have to share this article with my Mother!

  13. My khusband has been wearing Depends for about a year. Five years ago he had his prostate removed because of cancer. I thought the leaking was due to that surgery…..he also had bladder cancer and surgery. Do you think his leaking could be from UTI? He has alzheimers and many other problems to take meds for. Char

  14. My Mom has suffered uti's in the past but now that she is in her latter stages of the disease it is harder to detect. She has been the hospital twice this year. She just got out a few days ago after almost 3 weeks. the infection will spread into the blood if unnoticed for to long. These infections are noticable when the are still mobile because they won't get up or become lifeless. It is harder when they stop walking or talking. Just look for fever and lack of appetite.

  15. January, 2011, my mother – seven years battling Alzheimer's – was diagnosed with a UTI one and a half years after moving in the nursing home. She had not spoken a word in four years and was confined to a wheelchair. After the UTI diagnosis, she continued trying to get out unit doors never making it outside the building, but the staff repeatedly called me regarding her 180 degree behavior. I looked up UTI and Alzheimer's and 'tried' to explain the UTI was the cause of her behavior. I'm the yougest daughter and was sole, legal guardian and caregiver. Finally, I was called into a meeting with the Assistant Director of Nursing and Social Worker and was told – my mom had to be moved out! I was shocked and devastated. The move was profoundly traumatic and she stopped eating/drinking in the next and last facility. A month later, I had no choice than to call in Hospice and my mom passed 3 wks later. The nursing home wanted the money (rent) for her room space, but not the problems!! Their incompetence, attitude and sheer stupidity — and total lack of compassion is simply appalling!!! It's been a year since my mom passed, but the memory of the meeting and move stays with me.

  16. Have Alzheimer's patients drink 2-3 glasses of cranberry juice(can be cran-raspberry, cran-grape, etc.) everyday and UTI's will be a thing of the past. It solved the problem of my mother who had numerous UTI's until she began drinking the juice. She's been UTI free for almost 2 years.

  17. MY Mom has had Alzheimer's for 8yrs and had her first UTI in Aug. IT has been a devastating whirlwind decline. every other week. i believe the uti has never gone away completely. It is being addressed again and this time she is the most sick.. i am hoping they can treat aggressively and she will come back to her usual state. Is there any suggestions to treatment to get rid of the uti for a longer period of time? thank you from Michelle Simon

  18. My mom had a UTI – she was placed on antibiotic. While she was still on the antibiotic she developed slight pneumonia of the right lung and within a week she died. Does this happen often? We are all still in shock over her death.

  19. I am so appreciative of this article and the accompanying posts. We are into my mother's second year of the diagnosis of Alzheimer's and we lost my father to the disease in 2003. My family and I moved back to Chicago from California in 1998 to be with our parents who were beginning to show marked health issues. My husband's father had Parkinson's Disease and my father had Alzheimer's Disease. As I care for my mother I am so worried that I'm not doing what is right for her.
    When I saw in the report about uti sympton's of sleeping all day, not eating, etc. it was my "aha" moment. I also am grateful for the cranberry juice recommendation.

    Thank you all and I pray your strength during these times of care-giving.

  20. My father has dementia/Alzheimer's. He has UTI's over and over, causing all the symptoms referred to above. When one infection is cleared, it's only days to a week before he has another. This article is very enlightening, as others are looking for why the infections keep occurring!

  21. HELP … I’m my Mom’s caregiver of 4 years and she had a sudden decline that that resulted in ER visit was give Macrobid for 10 days .. during that time she got dehydrated & so I took her back to ER and she was treated for dehydration & they also gave her antibiotics and we were in the hospital for 4 days the Dr. stated she is back healthy on all her levels … problem after being home for 1 week her eating & fluids were not much but now she shows no interest in either … I feel it’s UTI still as all of this was so sudden but many tell me it’s the disease … I feel there is still hope in her if the UTI is not clear and just wondering if heading back to the ER would be too much trauma for her … she will not take med’s so going to Dr to get more antibiotics want work?

  22. In my opinion a post treatment urine specimen should be dome to ensure the infection is clear. For some of the folks I work with who get UTI after UTI I have a Doctors order for a routine urine specimen the first of each month. While some don't agree with this, it helps us catch the beginning of the infections before they are creating so many issues for the person. I would encourage everyone to really be keeping track of your loved ones fluid intake. This helps stave off some UTI's.

    Many Physicians and care facilities are reluctant to do a urine test if there are no typical symptoms. Most people I work with have no typical symptoms! Remember there is the initial results but the urine should be tested for sepsis as well. Advocate, advocate, advocate for your loved one. You know them best and if you feel something is medically wrong, you are probably right. Too often the Alzheimers gets blamed for symptoms that have to do with a physical ailment!

  23. My husband was admitted to the hospital on Christmas Day when he was bleeding a lot when urinating. The doctors said he had a very high PSA 16.11 and said it was causing the bleeding. After being in the hospital for four days he started to become disoriented and anxious and they said he had an UTI started him on an antibiotic. He does show signs of Dimenia. Please comment

  24. I have been taking care of my patient (85 yr old woman with dementia and gillian barre syndrome) for over a year now. 5 days ago while taking her to the bathroom to wash she said she didnt feel well and got very very white she rested her head on my shoulder and i then felt her body go limp i grabbed her and placed her on the floor. She started to snore really loud arms shaking straight out and tounge wash rolling back in her mouth i rolled her onto her side, i thought she was having a seizure well i called 911 and she was rushed to the ER to find out she had a UTI, dehydration, and a irrerular heartbeat. They placed her on a bp med, heart med, and a antibiotic and also with a oxygen tank and released her from the hospital 3 days later! The following morning from her being released i get her out of bed at 7 am she was complaining of pain under her breats all day. After getting her into the bathroom and wwashing her the best i could she could not get up herself and i really had to help her into her chair after sitting up with me and her nurse for over a hour she asked to go lye down so i helped her to bed. While in bed this weird attack came over her. She could not get comfortable she would lay down and say help me help me help me sit me up sit me up so i would sit her up after sitting up she would say let me lye down help me help me help me so i would lye her down and this went on for about 20 mins she was getting really cold but sweaty at the same time. I proceeded to call 911 again. She went into a trance and im pretty sure was taking her last breaths but i still felt a pulse. She had oxygen on at the time i put it up to 3. Could a uti bring on these symptoms after being treated in the hospital for 3 days with a antibiotic? This seemed like a heart attack to me she was complaing of pain under her breats alll day could a uti bring on a heart attack? What baffles me is that she was released from the hospital the day before she died and was on a antiobiotic for 3 days! Please help me understand this cause as a caregiver i feel like it was my fault and that i could have done more or something differently to save her! just me not noticing the uti i blame myself and say that i should have noticed it sooner her urine smelt she could no longer hold her urine and was peeing her pants she also said it always feels like the pee is never gone but she had dementia so i just thought her saying that was a syptom of the dementia. If she woulda said it burned when she peed it would have rang a bell right away. I feel so guilty that i didnt find this before it was to late and i should have i have been a caregiver for 17 years!! Thank u for your time! Amy

  25. my mother-in-law is in last stage…she has what I would describe as "her insides are shaking"…does anyone else know if this is related to alz? thank you

  26. I completely understand what Many of you are feeling,Moms, not sure what is happening “Sudden decline,” “Yelling out and undressing” and “Manic episodes
    , I was called in to a meeting with the assistant nursing director of the Nursing Home and the Social Worker, make it, . However I did receive a telephone call telling me to either take her home, or find another place for her, she was sent to a Hospice Hospital, was this really the end, I had no idea, I felt like I was spinning in circles. My mother had a UTI and had only been on antibiotic crushed in Apple Sauce,for only 2 days,before told toleave but most of the time she had started refusing her medication, so obviously, not enough got in her to cure the UTI, she had also had a Bowel Empactment ,2 weeks prior, which caused her pain and a change in behavior, saying pain in French, I hate to think of putting my mom in hospice no food or water becuase she had to be heavily sedated and also quite a bit of morpheine, my mom was 93 and very fraile, but she held out hope, she passed on the 12th day in Hospice, I just cant come to terms with the fact that maybe she would still be here

  27. This post I found very interesting, since I am a caregiver, and most of the time, my lady is very combative. UTI, is a tool, that I just learned by your information. I will have her see a doctor, because, I do think that she does have UTI. Thank you so much, for the info, that is making my job, easier, and also, for my residents.

  28. Just discovered this with my Mom! I had no idea. Every day I learn something new about this disease.

  29. Thank you! Going to call Dr. tomorow.

  30. Soooooooooooo true.

  31. My mother has been experiencing UTI's every 2 wks. to every 3 weeks. She has a pubic cath… She is in the hospital every month (at least) with these. My brother & sister have decided to put her on an "end of life" program which means that when she gets another UTI…no meds will be given. I would say that my mom is in stage 3 of alz. Does this sound right? She still remembers our names, recognizes family and friends. Yes, these UTI's are silent. One kidney is failing, she has congestive heart failure and pain from spinal stenosis that can easily be treated with Advil. my sibs out voted me…their doc said they were doing the right thing…but I feel like I will be killing her if the UTI's go untreated ( I am the main caretaker). I met my mother 25 years ago. She had to put me up for adoption because she was a minor at the time & her parents made that decision. I asked her to legally acknowledge me as her daughter, but she never did. So my 1/2 sibs have left me out of any decisions or legal matters. Will I be killing her if I don't have her UTI's untreated?? Thank uou. M. Hahn

  32. My dad has Alzheimer’s and has his first UTI, should we expect him to get these more frequently now?

    What causes, any way to prevent? Had a really bad change in behavior

    Yesterday, glad for this blog to get more info.

  33. Im currently taking care of a lady with Alzhimers. She is 92 years of age and has had it fpr about 7 years. She sleeps all day but is not combative. i cant figure out wat to say to make her want to get out of brf. she has days where shes happy and she is more then happy to get up but most days are spent in bef and she stays up during the night till about 3 in the morning sometimes. i am a 24 hour caregiver and its starting to get hard. i take care of her and her husband. i love them dearly and i just need some advice.

  34. Does this disease cause complications or create a heart condition?

  35. Recently my Mother who is 58 years old has had sudden onset of dementia. She does not have Alzheimers but is an alcoholic and drug abuser. When admitted to the hospital she was diagnosed with Pancreitus, vitamin deficency, Hepatitus, Chirrosis and was detoxing because she hadnt drank in about 3 days because the pancreitus had her so sick. Her ammonia level was normal but her Thyamine was very low. The Hep and Chirrosis is minimal. I understand that detoxing can cause dementia but i am still concerned because the dementia was so severe , she had lost all touch with reality and was hallucinating. I dont really want to elaborate but she thought she had toys implanted in her knees and several organ transplants. This terrified me that this cold happen to this extent in 3 days. She had never shown any signs of mental problems before. She was released from the hospital 3 days later with no change in the dementia. Several tests were run and seems to be no brain damage. she was given the meds she needed to recover from the pancreitus and vitamins and the doctor said he softened the landing on coming off the pain meds but she still has to have them “pain management for chronis conditions” She is taking way less pain meds now but only seems to show any improvement when she takes the meds and its limited to ( assisted walking, recognizing family members and a little reality here and there. As they wear off and the pain comes back she is back to “no reality”. 16 days later with little or no improvement she is back in the hospital with a urinary tract infection and vitamin deficency. That was 3 days ago and has has been treated but still no sign of improvement. What should we expect? Can this be permanant? How long should it take for her to recover? Other than her issuses with dependancy my Mother was completely normal 2 weeks ago and now she cant even walk on her own!! Please help me to understand this better. This is tearing me apart!

  36. am basically replying to everyone's post, I am in fear that I have dementia, my mother has it and was curious if it is hereditary?, I am now reading about the UTIs I get at least one a month i drink a lot of cranberry juice and take cranberry pills to try to keep my urinary track clean but to no avail one come again, also when I urinate it hurts so bad its like it had an automatic shut off valve and my urine has either a very strong odor or a tin like smell to it and is very yellow and I drink plenty of water. I forget things all the time, I have family member's that get so frustrated regarding my forgetfulness, I will ask the same question about 5 times and my children's response is "mom how many times do we have to tell you?" I forget my grandchildren names, I forget just about everything, I have been diagnosed with ADHD, which basically has some of the same symptoms, or I thought because I had E.S.T. my memory loss was from that, but he Dr. told me that shock treatments are for forgetting long term memory such as I was suffering from P.T.S.D. my traumatic childhoods memories. I can and do remember my past although I am still working through past issues. Its the NOW I am stuck in, I suffer from depression, anxiety,disorder hate crowds cannot go into a grocery store, without a panic attack and those are so embarrassing, My memory is so bad that I beat myself up mentally calling myself a dummy, stupid, I ask myself Sharon "how did you forget your cigarettes 3 times, it could be anything I forget. I am easily distracted and go from one tHINg to another, I stayed in bed for 7 months depressed, I am going to be completely honest, I would go two weeks without a shower, I am much better now in the hygiene area, I do stupid stuff like run the water for the dishes walk away and get distracted with something else and the dish pan is running over on to the floor. So embarrassing, so there is no test or scan I can go get to see or be tested to see if I have dementia . At this point I would rather have the doctor tell me I have something instead of feeling crazy all the time, and pressing my brain to remember things. I put a pair of tweezers away and told myself OK here they are Sharon so u don't forget them and now I would know where I have put them. I have torn the house apart, I still cant find them anywhere, so frustrating. I had to buy another pair. Sometimes I feel when my children tell me something thing and I honestly do not remember them telling me for example a birthday party, I respond with "you never told me" and I would defend myself to the fullest because I really did not remember and thought they had a ploy to make me think they did tell me and are just trying to mess with my head or trying to ,make me feel like I am going crazy, After reading your posts and you mine, please tell me and be honest with me especially the caregivers that know and work first hand with the real deal and I could use some honest opinions and suggestions because you all seem to know what you are doing. THANKS AND GOD BLESS TO YOU ALL…….Sharon

  37. Wow my mom is being treated for UTI I would have never guessed it changed her behavior.She is very calm child like but today she cursed a very bad curse word. My mother even spoke about her dad. He died when she was a teen. Mom is86 and my dad is 90 they have been married over seventy years.

  38. I’m curious to discover out what blog platform you are using? I am having some minor security issues with my latest site and I’d prefer to discover some thing much more safeguarded. Do you’ve any solutions?

  39. My daughter went into the hospital on Friday evening after quite a long wait in the emergency room and Saturday morning they still had not been able get her to let them do another blood test and would not take her medicine. Today is Monday labor day and as of last evening they still had not done a check for urinary tract infection. She is 45 years old and got a little combative on Friday afternoon but she has been acting not so good and strange for about 3 weeks. She had 2 grade 3 brain tumors one in 1990 and then in 1997. I am so worried about her.

  40. What if a sudden decline isn't due to a UTI infection what else could it be?

  41. How do you convince spouse that having sex with his wife with Alzheimer's Disease is inappropriate. Frequent UTI's due to inabililty of caring for self. At my wits end. Please help.

  42. We went through episodes of UTI's with both parents. Both sudden physical and/or mental issues with no other actual symptoms of a UTI. With Dad, they never did get the UTI's completely controlled but with mom, the visiting nurse recommended huge cranberry extract pills. After 3 or 4 hospitalizations and lots of antibiotics for UTI's, instituting the cranberry extract pill regime seemed to stop the UTI's in their tracks!

  43. It starts as a bladder infection, and then the urgent care gives a antibiotic. Two weeks later the same symptoms of lack of walking with balance and as if staring into the abyss. I bet it is another bladder or UTI…..taking her back and demand they do blood work and check with a catheter again…Conofusing

  44. We just recently had to place my father-in-law in a skilled nursing facility. He had fallen and the new changes of scenery have really upset him. The question I have that I cannot fine the answer to is closing ones eyes a part of late stage Alzheimer's ? He closed them two days ago and has not opened them since. He responds to the nurses and eat and drinks. Please help if you can
    Jean Rollo

  45. I am a 61 yr. old female who goes completely crazy and paranoid when I get a urinary tract infection. I get no other symptoms until it is too late and I may lose my apt. over it. I have had only 2 of them in my life and both happened in a 3 and a half year span.I also get confused for 3 days or more.This is a true curse! So sad in Montesano, Wa. Any feedback is oh so welcomed!Thank you for reading this.

  46. My Husband has had many UTI's since August 2013. He was diagnosed with NPH 12 years ago. Incontinence, Dementia, and Mobility are the 3 conditions.
    Each time he had hallucinations. He goes on antibiotics and the symptoms dissipate.
    Last week it started again only this time his hallucinations have been very intense and scary. Our Dr. put him on antibiotics
    and suggested if he gets very agitated to give him Risperdol. This morning we had to give it to him-which eventually quieted him. How long can they keep giving him antibiotics? He is 89 years old. Can this be late stage dementia?

  47. My Mother has had UTI for the last three mounths. She is in stage 7. She takes off here paints & pull up at night in bed.I see a big change. from Dec.2013 to April2014.

  48. After reading about UTI's I contacted the hospital where by 88 yr old dad has been for past 3 weeks. He has Alzheimer's and COPD he was admitted with pneumonia which is now clear, remains in hosp awaiting a nursing home. Since going in to hospital he has stopped walking and when he speaks he is unable to find the correct words. The staff say he is very aggresive when they change him as he has also become incontinent apx 3 weeks before being admitted. I asked if Dad had a UTI and was told that they would have difficulty getting a urine sample as he is so aggressive but if he did have a UTI it would have shown up on the previous blood tests. Previous to going in he was speaking relatively clearly although confused esp in the evenings and at night. He was walking well and would be able to walk around the local supermarket with me or go out the back garden. From the day he went into hospital he has never walked and is totally incontinent in nappies. I thought it was meds but they say not

  49. do people with dementia seem to sleep a lot in the day time as my husband who is in a home seems to be sleeping a lot

  50. Thyroid condition will also change a person with Alzheimer too

  51. my mum has not been sleeping during the night the last two months,on a good night she would sleep 5hrs,but most nights its 1-2 hrs,I am worried that this is going to have an effect on her,mum has frontal lobe dementia.she is just starting her third course of antibotics for uti.mum needs 24 hr care,has no speech to tell me if she's sore etc.its 8 years since we noticed a decline.has anyone been in my situation dealing with a frontal lobe dementia patient,i would be grateful for your opinions.

  52. My mum has just gone into a nursing home after three minor strokes and a blood clot. She has dementia and is on end of life care. She is being very aggressive to both my step dad ( they have been married for 34 years) and to me, just keeps repeating we have abandoned her and wants to go home to die. I am finding this very hard to cope with as my Mum and I were very close, but now I just can't seem to get rid of the feelings of guilt , as I know that neither my step dad or I are in a position to look after her. The nursing home have suggested that we stay away for a while until she hopefully settles down. I wonder if she ever will, as she always said she would never go there. I just hope we are doing what is best for her , the home tell me that her reactions are perfectly normal and this nearly always happens.

  53. I am a companion/caregiver for a lady of 100 years old as of July 16. She drinks milk with her meals, Always asks for milk. She refuses to drink water. As a matter of a fact she cannot stand water on her body. I do my best to wash her. When we do get in the bath she seems “frightened”. Nevertheless. She rarely goes to the bathroom -Once in the morn upon wakening and then before bedtime. She never complains of any pain, but I have noticed her “squiriming” in her chair. Her diet consists of plenty of fruits and veggies, however she is eating less these days. This lady only takes one 81 mg Bayer aspirin a day. Lately she has become somewhat withdrawn, more quiet than ususal. I suppose at 100 she can do whatever she wishes! How does a Dr (at her age) test for a UTI? She is quite modest and not incontinent, but I rarely see her go to the Bathroom.

  54. My daughter is 52 yrs old, she was diagnosed with early onset dementia about 2 yrs ago! She was forced into early medical retirement after 30 yrs with the government. She is on 2 meds that seem to help her, at least she has stayed fairly stable. She has no desire to do anything except watch TV. I live several hundred miles from her but manage to see her 3 or 4times a yr.
    Right now she is OK staying home alone during the day, her husband works and is her only care giver at this time. He does the cooking and the other household chores! I worry about the time she is home alone, When I am there I usually can get her to go shopping, work a puzzle, etc. It is very difficult being so far away, and I am not able to pull up my roots & move there. Any suggestions?

  55. Hello everyone, My mother has spent six weeks in the care center now, after eight years staying at home being taken care of by my father, sixty years of marriage on July 4, 2014 my father couldn't get her up and stay up she complained that she hurt, so he called the ambulance the next Monday she went into the nursing home for two weeks she seemed to being doing great but complaining of pain. She had arthritis but would take aspirin, the care facility are using patch for pain and this seems to make her sleepy all of the time and not eating very well.

    We think she's in the later stage but when awake she will hold her head up and seems to eat good for breakfast, needing help to eat.

    Her over all health at 88 is very good except for this robbing disease not sure if she's going to live very much longer but appreciate any words of wisdom from others experiencing similar issues with their loved one ?

    Thank you!

  56. My mom 85yrs had a stroke and
    She couldn't get out bed she is using kimbies and cannot doing anything for herself .She went to hospice where her sugar drop to 1.4.At the moment she has an extreme bladder infection.She is 85yr old.Can you please explain to me if she's going to die

  57. My dad has alzeimer. And it is haert braeking. He refuses to bath and gets very agressif most of the time. He does not go to the toilet when he has a nr 2. And getting him to take his pants off to help him wash is a total nightmare. We sometimes
    take two hours plus and then we have no choice but for one to hold his hands. Other wise he hits you and very hard. if he can not use is hands to hit you he treis to head bang you. And then I talk in a loud voice sometimes shout at him, he will then start laughing and say but I will never do that. Saterday I had to ask my hubby to hold is hands. when he seemed calm we let go but he then took his slipper and hit my hubby. After he was clean I kleave him to cool down but he then went to my brother just talking to him and hit him and then also my hubby. Aftera while I satwith him and he was calm. When I picked up a sock laying on the floor her hit me with his slipper out of no wear. And my dad was never an agressif person.

  58. Every 3 -4 months UTI. Mom is in a nursing home. I suspect that it was the disposable wipes, not changing her enough, sitting in a wheelchair. She has had Cdiff and the last 3 UTIs were e.coli. Picc lines have been used, but she would pulls them out. This time the doctor is treating her with pills. So confused as what could set her anger off…UTI each and every time. Music has helped, but her little CD player is taking a beating. We have been in a nursing home for the past 2 years and the past 9 months there have been so much change in her personality. Also dealing with diabetes, High numbers – Low numbers. It seems at times we should own a wing at the local hospital.

    Being an only child with family halfway across the US. Well, we know how hard it is to carry the load.

    My saving grace is my faith and the people that support me when I feel I cant go any longer. Plus Moms humor also helps.

    Much love and support to each of us.

  59. If an elderly man, age 86 had routine hernia surgery…came home with a catheter because he couldn't urinate, 2 days later was suffering what we thought were symptoms of a stroke, took him to the ER, only to find out not a stroke, good news of course, BUT was a UTI, he was slurring his words, couldn't do simple things he usually does, hallucinating. So of course they kept him for 3 days, he continued to hallucinate etc..but was getting better due to the anitbiotics he was on! We came home, and also incorporate short term memory issues.A social worker came to our home to help us know our options regarding possible in home care, he also did a standardized neurological assesment and the score that my dad scored was so low the social worker told us he had dementia..My question is, can you all of a sudden develop dementia from a UTI!?

  60. This was an eye-opening posting for me, and I was so glad to have this information! I would, however, disagree with the author's assertion that "while the UTI does need to be treated right away, this is for the comfort of the patient and the family. UTIs do not cause permanent damage …" Unfortunately, this is not always true. UTIs, if left untreated, can migrate to the kidneys & cause permanent kidney damage, or even death. From the Mayo Clinic website (http://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/kidney-infection/basics/definition/con-20032448):

    Kidney infection (pyelonephritis) is a specific type of urinary tract infection (UTI) that generally begins in your urethra or bladder and travels up into your kidneys. A kidney infection requires prompt medical attention. If not treated properly, a kidney infection can permanently damage your kidneys or the bacteria can spread to your bloodstream and cause a life-threatening infection.

  61. I am so glad I found this information. My dad has had Alzheimer's for about 3 years and it was discovered a couple of weeks ago that he had a UTI. Last week he suddenly started having delusions, talking to himself, sleeping all the time, losing control of his bladder, and there were times that my step mother couldn't wake him up. He was admitted to the hospital for a couple days but they said his UTI was cleared up. I'm beginning to wonder if it is. His changed behavior hasn't stopped. Thanks to this information we will definitely have him tested again and ask his doctor about the possibility of putting him on a preventive antibiotic. Thank you all so much for sharing your stories.

  62. Thats whats going on with my mom,but as soon as she starts feeling better after antibiotics she gets another uti.its a never ending battle

  63. I was my moms caregiver for many years..She had dementia. she One day she started acting funny, worse then her usual forgetfulness, she was hallucinating.I did not know what was wrong.My husband and I decided we would take her to her doctor the first thing in the morning. She got up in the middle of the night took a fall in the kitchen I called an ambulance when we got to the hospital they said she had a uti. She died a week later. To this day I feel it was my fault because I did not know the signs. I never thought a urinary tract infection could be so dangerous. well it can. Especially for the elderly. She had broken her hip and she caught pneumonia in the hospital.She was 80 years old but she still had a lot of life in her. I miss her dearly.

  64. I have a question, maybe someone can help me. My grandma is 98 years old, she is now living in a nursing home. Last Jan she fell, broke her hip, recovered well, came home, caught pneumonia which took all her power to walk away, she was fine though after that. No mental instabilities, no confusion, no pain, etc. Last Friday she was a little on the sleepy side, I thought maybe she slept bad last night, Saturday…worse!! Slept all day, didn’t want to eat, Sunday SAME THING, had then take blood and turns she has UTI and is dehydrated. They have her on IV and started antibiotics on Tuesday evening, wed, thurs, and STILL TODAY she is in bed, and EYES SHUT, shes coherent, but has no strength to open her eyes or talk well. She doesn’t wanna eat, please can someone tell me if this is normal? Will she ever heal from this? SHe has Edema also and her protein level is VERY VERY LOW and has a weak heart. 🙁 We been giving her protein shakes, Greek yogurt with protein powder, etc. I though with 2 days of antibiotics she should feel somewhat better. Can anyone help with some info?

  65. UTIs are always a BIG problem.
    It makes BIG changes in someone with Alzheimers.
    My 90 year old mother with Alzheimers had one last year the change was SO bad.
    Her balance went she could not walk or stand she also had a hard time talking.
    It all changed overnight I thought she was passing on It was so bad.
    I took her to the medical center they found the UTI .
    They put her on sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160 mg for a week.
    They also sent sample to lab to grow for 3 days good thing they did!!!
    They found that this virus was resistant to the first meds.
    And called me at home to tell me to stop the first meds.
    And changed to nitrofurantoin mono/mac 100mg
    It took about 1 week for her to start talking better.
    Took about 2 weeks to get her to start walking.
    Now what I do is use a home test strip every 10 days.
    The cost was about $10.00 for (3) test strips that test for Leukocytes and Nitrites
    If the test detects something. In my mothers case it has 2 times in last year
    I call her physician and get her right in her office.

  66. my wifes sister has had Alzheimer's for over ten years & has to have full time care. She has no memory of anyone. my wife is starting to show signs of loss of ability to write & read , Will she end up like her sister? What can I do to slow this down?

  67. My mother goes threw a coughing / choking episode almost every time we sit down to eat. Any ideas on what this could be?

  68. We have a very serious bathing prob.My wife hasn't been in the shower in months. I did get her to change her under clothes two weeks ago, I wasted her feet and back.I gave her a wash cloth with soap to do the rest , but she didn't' use it.She has no body Oder, but sleeps in her clothes.Suggestions on how to get her into night clothes and bathing. Other than those two items, I feel she is doing great.Reads and plays the piano and is very smiley and cooperative.Have a caregiver mornings, but the aforementioned items baffle us.Any suggestions?

  69. My Dad started having difficulty walking in December. He started having problems soiling himself, Then he had loss of appetite and drinking water. By the end of January he was rushed to the hospital with kidney failure. He was diagnosed with Sepsis due to an untreated UTI. He died February 16. So do not take anything for granted. Any change in an elderly person's demeanor, behavior, or daily activities should be concerning. A simple trip to the doctor may have saved my Dad's life. I was not the one taking care of my Dad, so I am not feeling guilt and I do not want to blame anyone. I am just suggesting that don't think that it is just part of the progression of alzheimers.

  70. Do not assume UTI's can't cause permanent damage! They can move to the kidneys and become life threatening. They can cause sepsis. Repeated UTI's can lead to bladder cancer, as they did with someone in my family.

  71. Does Alzheimer's create anemia?

  72. Please double check your statement that the Alzheimer's patient, after treatment for a UTI, returns back to their original state before the UTI. For my mom, and for many UTI's that caretakers discuss on the message boards, the patient does NOT return to their state just prior to the UTI.

    Additionally, you might emphasize at the beginning (where you discuss the process of the caretaker coming to suspect a UTI) that often no or few of the signs normally expected with a UTI are present. One has to learn first NOT to rule out suspecting a UTI unless the usual signs (burning and pain, frequent and often profuse urination, and fever) are present. This "no usual signs" holds true for all as we age.

  73. My Mom is 99yrs old and suffers from COPD and Sever Dementia. She lives in a wonderful Board and Care. She is also incontinent and last year had two UTI's. The Dr has had her on a daily dosage of Nitrosur Mac for the past 6 months and it has made a positive difference, no more UTI's. She is one who declines quickly, mimecing signs of end of life when she gets these UTI's. I am her daughter, Trustee and want only the best for her. I have the option of purchasing the meds and keeping her on them daily or not. She is not exhibiting any dangerous side effects. In her case, a 99yr old women, the good outweighs the bad… I believe. Thank you for commenting. I will be looking for you response.. Gail Wyatt

  74. My Mom is 80 suffers from alzheimers and does pretty well other than some hallucinations and waking up at night. Recently out of the blue she has been soiling her pants just a little and frequently. I am not sure if she is not feeling well or if it is incontinence. The doctor thought it may be a virus and diarrhea but I am just not sure. Could something else be causing this?

  75. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer last year. My father looks after her full time. Since her Diagnosis she has days where she is continually asking to use to the toilet-for bladder emptying. Sometimes this can be up to 20 times a day, sometime she passes urine other times not.,exhausting for both of them. She can get very aggressive if she is not believed to be accurate. Is this a condition that is common that is common amongst those with this illness, all tests have proved negative.

  76. I think this is very informative, however it is important to add that many younger adults with auto-immune disorders from severe anorexia or bulimia may also have severe mental symptoms as well. My poor daughter has suffered with anorexia over 15 yrs. and is now trying to recover from many other diseases and problems caused by this horrific disease. She has had so many problems that she is, just now after 8mths, been diagnosed with a bladder infection. She has been suffering from horrible hallucinations for quite some time and no one picked up on this. I felt it important to let others know so they would not let their loved ones go through this because of lack of knowledge. I truly hope that this will help when trying to find a solution to an easily misdiagnosed problem with their children or other people close to them. Laura Mitchell

  77. My Dad responds to intravenous drugs but not to a course of Bactrim. We now have brought in Hospice and everyone wants to treat the agitation with Xanex. I'm sure he has a UTI. Sleepy, mad when you wake him, not eating, undressing in the dining room at the Memory Care Center, all mentioned symptoms of a UTI in Alzheimer patients. He also has an enlarged prostrate due to "slow growing cancer". What to do?

  78. My mom is 86; she must had been hiding that she was having issues. Four weeks ago she was fine driving having fun etc. I was always bragging how wonderful she was an independent. Then she started acting strange.. not knowing days of the week or people and was very tired. She gave me the keys to her car does not want to drive any longer. After talking to friends they told me it was a UTI, have it checked out, I did all test came back good blood and CT. The doctor put her on Aricept now she is getting worse, very bad headraces not eating drinking very little, and now acting totally crazy. I finally took her to the hospital she had a UTI and they treated it, and sent her home the next day. Now we are into 10 days after discharge, she is not the same any longer. She is incontinent , does not understand her clothing, won’t eat or drink unless instructed to, and again knowing very little of the family not recognizing faces and names. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHAT IS HAPPENING!! It should not be this quick. My dad went to end stage Alzheimer’s, he had it for 15 yrs… I know how this works… What is happening to my beautiful mom?

  79. What are actual symptoms of end stage Alzheimer'S

  80. UTI's cannot be left untreated in my Mom's case. While she will die from Alzheimer's she does not have to die from a UTI that has gone septic. Like so many other posts, we know right away from Mom's behavior that something is amiss. It isn't easy to get the urine sample but it can be done without terrifying her. After several UTI's over the course of eight years, our DR has a standing antibiotic prescription for her.

  81. Wow! I just joined after doing a search for UTI and Alzheimer's on Google. My wife has stage 6 Alzheimer's (early onset) and was hospitalized a week ago after a rapid increase in the amount she slept and some incidents of highly uncharacteristic aggressive behavior. In the E.R. they discovered a UTI. It may have been silent, but was allowed to run wild after a rounds of chemotherapy (Rituxan) for a kidney infection (microscopic polyangiitis–a form of vasculitis)–chemo suppresses the immune system like a sledgehammer. She had tolerated the chemo just fine when the infection first occurred a year earlier, so we were caught off guard when the behavioral abnormalities began appearing right after the first infusion in the recent round of chemo. Now that the the UTI has been subdued, she is beginning to return to normal (for Alzheimer's stage 6, that is). The difference for me is that I may now be able to continue to care for her at home rather than putting her into a memory care facility. The UTI-Alzheimer's connection reported on this blog was a true revelation!

  82. This is so true! I am the primary care giver for my mum she is 93 with AZ and over the last month, she has been acting stranger that usual. Hallucinations, fidgeting, sleeping all the time and not really interested in food. I had to insist the medical community in her residence test for a UTI. Sure enough it showed up in the urinalysis. A prescription for antibiotics cleared everything up. She is much more settled and comfortable. Let's not forget that patients with AZ cannot speak for themselves and more often than not, they do not know what is wrong. We have to be very vigilant as caregivers to look for clues and insist treatment is given.

  83. Although, this may not be the cure, it sure was the answer for my husband! He was hallucinating, and also experiencing a lack of control of his bowels and urine! A friend suggested Gatorade!! Sure enough, his electrolytes were off, and although I thought I was giving him plenty to drink, he still needed more. The Gatorade was a miracle juice! He was back to his normal in hours! So, the doctor said, this is a good fix, and worthy of a try before anything else! If you are not sure of the diagnosis, this will tell volumes.

  84. My husband has frontal lope dementia. He was doing fine and working. But suddenly he can't hardly walk or get up or down or work. He seems to be out of energy. He says he is tired all the time now and he just got out of the hospital in December. He wasdoing aa loton better. Then suddenly this happens to him. What could it be. Im so scared for him and me. Because im disabled with a spinal disease. Can someone please help me understand what could be wrong. Thanks

  85. My mother entered the hospital last Sunday she was acting confused I thought she was having a stroke so I called emts got her to hospital. Dr said her bp was very high so had her admitted, the nurse who was on duty in e.r said she thought it was a uti and she was right. They've got her on antibiotics but she sleeps all the time and doesn't want to eat or drink. Is that part of the healing process?

  86. My mother also gets frequent unitary tract infections with no physicals symptoms but drastic behaviour changes. What is different than what is documented is that she talks very clearly about events that happened decades ago that she would not normally remember. I find that very interesting and wonder if there a link between a change in the immune system and the loosening of the memory genes on a temporary basis providing access to memory banks not normally available. I watched a research video that showed how memory could be restored with the use of certain chemicals in mice even suffering induced brain damage . It would be great to hear about this phenomena from others. Thank you.

  87. My mother in-law has late-stage dementia. She is confined to bed. She has taken to moaning all the time; even all night long. Is this common among dementia/alzheimer's patients?

  88. Is it true though that some dementia patients may not bounce back from the effects of a UTI, or any other infection in the body, once the infection has been treated and healted?

  89. Could extreme anxiety be a symptom of UTI

  90. my mom has dimentia and a bladder infection and has deleria but won’t take her mess or eat and Is a diabetic . she is in a nursing home but hides from staff and thinks they are poisoning her and feeding he humane remains. she won’t let them near her. I am totally lost as to what to do. I love my mom but unsure what to do. most days she she hates me or tells me to leave cause it’s not safe. what can be done

  91. I had trouble keeping my mother hydrated, she just wasnt thirsty and would take a sip or two then set it aside. I felt like I was constantly badgering her to drink. Eventually she would faint and we would call 911 or take her to the emergency room. After several hours of hydration by IV and sometimes antibiotics for a low grade UTI infection she was sent home. This started to happen every two to three weeks. Fortunately the visiting nurse was here when she went into one these fainting spells, which the nurse called syncope. When she followed up with us on how Mom was doing she suggested at home IV hydration. We also talked to her doctor about possibly changing the strength of her blood pressure medicine, one of the ER doctors mentioned that her blood pressure, while within normal range, was on the very low end of normal and that combined with dehydration might be what triggered the fainting spells. Long story short, between lowering her blood pressure medicine (approved by her doctor) and at home IV treatment it has been 6 months with no more fainting episodes. The IV is started by our local hospital at home care team. It is a pump and IV bag in a portable carry bag (no bag on a pole) so Mom can stay mobile for the 6 hours it takes. Hope this helps someone else who finds themselves in similar circumstances.

  92. My husband has Dementia he has outbursts, for example he will be watching tv and I say to him your to loud calm down as he is yelling at the tv and then he starts swearing at me calling me names I dont know what to do.

  93. My mother passed away this past May she was diagnosed with alzheimers. We placed both her and my father in an assited living
    My mother was there for ten days.. My father was there alone. He would have his mood swings. Nothing that couldn't be handled He was never officially diagnosed with AZ. But on fourth of July weekend he was at my sister's house and during the night he couldn't get up, lost control of his bowels, very confused. She thought he was having a stroke. Called 911 and yes he had a UTI. Treated him for that and he was okay. Doctors suggested he go to a rehab facililty to try to get his legs stronger. Well third night there he called 911 telling them he was being held hostage and they sent him up to the memory care
    unit in the nursing home.
    Hasn't been the same since. Two weeks later back in hospital with a UTI. He was unresponsive in the home. Can he lose it that quickly? Can the loss of my mother excelerate it. I want to bring him home to my house to care for him but honestly I'm afraid. I don't want him there but I'm afraid I won't be able to handle him. Any advise, please.

  94. Mum has dementia and when she first had a UTI we thought she'd had a stroke as she ranting, she has them frequently our doctor explained that because she wasn't drinking enough or moving, she walks with difficulty, her bladder gets stagnated and causes bacteria which then develops and get into her bloodstream and into her brain and affects her mind. He said if it was up to him she would have a jiggy chair that would shake her around to stop this he compared it to a stagnant pond that was still and not getting flushed out with fresh water. He had a patient whose symptoms of a UTI was that she started to hear her dead husbands voice, my mum usually hears music, repeating tunes and hallucinations, people in the house it can be very disturbing. I think many people must have UTI's but people think that its part of their dementia or just ramblings of old age. My mum is ill at the moment we have an arrangement with our doctor to keep antibiotics at home but they haven't worked so they have taken a urine sample which tested positive and we will get further details in a few days she has been put on stronger antibiotics 'Nitrofurantoin' At this moment she want to go the toilet but cannot stand up no matter how she tries, this seems to be another affect of it, that is why I came on here to see if any one else had seen this reaction. My brother is due home soon and has the strength to lift her to her feet then she usually is ok to walk it just seems she cannot get herself up and I cannot lift her and take the risk of a fall. I think there should be more publicity and information on UTI's I am sure there must be lots of people suffering unnecessarily and family worrying through lack of awareness.

  95. "Sudden decay," "Hollering out and disrobing in broad daylight" and "Hyper scenes… WOW!". That is precisely what happen this weekend. I am so fortunate to have discovered this posting. Thought it was the start of the end. Took mother to ER and yes UTI it was. Can hardly imagine how can happen. Much obliged to you and pass this on to different guardians.

  96. My Mom had an acute UTI, only the family didn't know it. She started spiting out her food. She lost 30 lbs in 3 weeks!
    Transferred her from skilled nursing home to emergency room where admitted for four days. We moved her to another skilled nursing home where they took great care of her but discovered the UTI was still there. Shortly thereafter, she completely stopped eating for about 10 days, then stopped drinking all fluids.
    She passed away yesterday, skin an bones…….
    Could the acute UTI have caused her to quit eating and drinking? Dr. says she chose to die this way, her way. She never complained of pain and was mentally stable the entire time. Knew who everyone was.
    So sad, she died a very painful death that was horrific to watch.

  97. How do I get my Sisters Family to take her to the Doctor to be checked? My Sister refuses to have Area on Aging to come into her house to help. For that reason she is home alone while her husband works all day and she's so bad that I worry about her being there all alone. I feel she's being neglected! How do you help someone with Dementia who wants NO help and has aggressive behavior? She won't even cooperate when she's taken to a Doctor! What do they do now? How do you help her when she wants no help?

  98. The Author is incorrect in saying that UTI’s do not do harm. My mother is currently struggling with UTI’s. She became so tired she was not walking enough and developed blood clots in her lungs. The condition affects her kidneys and brain. She has had so many she now has kidney a condition. This condition MUST be taken seriously because one may die from this if it is not treated. And Yes it may cause irreparable damage to ones kidney’s.

  99. How do I get medical care for my husband that has a UTI. His has difficulty passing urine or doesn't go at all. It has a strong odor, possible blood in urine and sudden behavior changes. GOING TO THE DOCTOR OFFICE IS NOT AN OPTION. He will go in the car but to walk into an office just does not work, His prime care physician said to see a urologist and called in a prescription for 500mg ciprofloxacin 2x a day. That is another challenge. Those pills are big. I have to cut or crush his other meds to get those in him. Cipro is very strong, I tried to dissolving them in water it tasted awful. Bottom line how do I get medical care for him quick.

  100. My dearest friend who suffers from vascular dementia had a UTI back in May this year. She started suffering with paranoia and was seeing things and people that were not there, she was admitted to hospital where they diagnosed the UTI however she then contracted pneumonia and was in a bad way. After recovering from the pneumonia she was placed in a dementia unit within the hospital, there she was assessed as having dementia with Lewy body. Her daughter who has power of attorney over major decisions, health and finances had a meeting with doctors and social services and apparantly the decision was made to put my friend in a care home for dementia. Since being in there, my friend has regained her strength and her state of mind and I feel that she should be re-assessed as there are none of the signs of Lewy body. She knew she was seeing things before and was frightened tto go to sleep but now she tells me that she no longer sees things or people anymore. I have been to visit her and have taken her out for days and in no way does she display any of those symptoms she had before, just the little bit of forgetfullness and the odd place name which is common with senile dementia I feel. How can I get her re-assessed as her daughter is adamant that she will be staying in there. May I stress that she cannot even have a conversation with other patients in the care home because they cannot communicate due to the severity of their dementia. My friend cares for herself with toilet and dressing and uses the phone to call me and her family and talks very very sensibly. Please please can you help me to help her as she has no say in the matter ( which she knows) and is desperate to return to normal life at home with her husnband. Kind regards

  101. I would question the term "does not cause permanent damage" with regards to UTIs. Too many, and if run unchecked, esp. if a person is bed-ridden, can eventually cause sepsis. I know because this happened to my Mother. She did not have mental issues/dementia, but we could always tell when sepsis was occurring because she would drop off to sleep without any warning, be difficult to wake up, and hallucinate. She eventually passed away due to causes of sepsis. So, while I'm not a registered nurse or doctor, I do know, based on experience, that frequent UTIs can become a serious, even life-threatening, issue.

  102. I have been struggling with UTIs since I was 18 years old and the Lady Soma Cranberry Pills work faster than other products to relieve the pain with my UTIs. I use this while I am waiting to get in to see the doctor to relieve my pain and/or while I am waiting the the antibiotics to start working which usually takes anywhere from 12-24 hours.

    This stuff helps to alleviate the pain (burning, urgency, etc) associated with UTIs within 20-40 minutes of taking the pills.

  103. I would like to say thanj u for the info on utis. The behavioral changes associated with uti are routinelyexperienced by not only alzheimer patientsbut most elderly patients generally. I saw many elderly while in my 20 years in nursing home caregiving. I am dealing with this with my own sister right now, she is only 62 and has no symptoms of alzheimers. Thank you.

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